Accessories Every Carpet Owner Should Own


Carpets Are Beneficial

Carpets are great addition to a home; they help improve air quality and reduce injuries. However, there are certain accessories that all carpet owners should own.


One of the most important items to own is a vacuum. Carpets trap and collect dirt, hair and other particles, and a carpet is an effective way to removes these.


Vacuuming is one way to clean your carpet, but it will eventually need a wash. You won’t wash in a washing machine, but using a carpet shampoo and a little moisture helps maintain a fresh-smelling carpet.

 Carpet Puller

Another great accessory to purchase is a carpet puller. Not only is it easier to move carpets when you need to access the floor underneath, but it doesn’t damage the carpet of the floor.

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Having Carpets in the Workplace is a Good Idea


Carpets Are Beneficial

Carpets aren’t only for the home; they can be used in the workplace. There are various advantages that accompany placing carpets in the office.

Improved Air Quality

Dust, pollen and particles can find their way inside that’s bad for health, especially people with allergies or asthma. Carpets act as a passive filter, helping to improve air quality indoors.

Less Noise

Noise inside the workplace can be very distracting. By installing carpets, it helps absorb noises and sounds, and acts as a sound barrier between floors.

 Reduces Injuries

Carpets help reduce the chances of injuries. It helps reduce the possibility of slip and fall accidents and reduces the impact of falls to prevent serious injuries.

There’s no denying the advantages a carpet provides to the workplace. If you have carpets in the workplace, purchase carpet pullers from Floor Pullers and make moving them easier.

Owning a Floor Puller Makes Moving Tiles Easier


Help Moving Tiles

If you have removable tiles installed, you may need to move them at some point for different reasons. A floor puller can make the task much easier.


It’s quicker to move tiles, especially large quantities, with the aid of a floor puller. It may take a longer time removing each tile by hand rather than using a puller to get the job done.


It’s relatively safe removing floor tiles by hand, but if one slips, it can become damaged or injury you. It’s a lot safer using a floor puller to remove them.


Moving tile is made easier! There’s no need to use your hands to grip the tiles and move them. Even better, there are pullers that allow the user to remove tiles without having to bend down.

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The Advantages of Using Removable Floor Tiles


Removable Flooring

There are various flooring options for businesses, but here’s a look at why a business would choose removable floor tiles for the office.

Storage Space

There’s no need to worry about storage space with removable tiles. The floors tiles can be lifted and items can be stored underneath the flooring safely.

Easy to Clean

Like any other type of tiles, they are easy to clean and maintain. There’s no need to use harmful chemicals or cleaners, and sweeping and mopping is a breeze.


Just because these floor tiles can be removed does not mean they are not durable. Floor tiles generally have a long life cycle compared to other flooring options.

If you have removable floor tiles in the office, purchase a floor puller from It can be a handy tool to easily move the tiles.

More Than Just a Carpet


The Magic of a Carpet Puller

When you make the transition from the hardwood floors of an apartment to the lush carpeting of a home, there can be an adjustment period. The carpet has to be taken care of, cleaned, and maintained, especially if you have pets. At the same time though, you can use carpet as a cover for other storage. A raised carpet allows for room underneath, and with the help of a carpet puller, you can restrict access to that storage area to keep it safe.

Maintain Your Carpet

The carpet puller that we designed here at Floor Pullers was created to help maintain the lifetime of your carpet, while still allowing it to move as you need it to. Now you can access beneath your floor 24/7 without worry!

A Raised Advantage


Raised Floor Tiles

A small office space can be a major plus to a developing company. You can save money on your lease and operate and grow. With that growth, however, comes the need for some more storage, and depending on your product line, it may be more cost-efficient to work with what you already have rather than to move locations. That is where a carpeted raised floor comes in to play. The raised floor tiles can be removed, allowing for storage space underneath.

Carpet Puller

This useful bit of architectural design is meaningless without the proper tools to access your stored items. A carpet puller is designed to pull up carpeted floor tile with ease and efficiency. The spike prongs give a safe and secure grip, without adversely harming your carpet. To purchase yours and be on your way to more space, visit our website: Floor Pullers.

The Underappreciated Suction Cup

Suction tool

The suction cup is a tool that is rarely mentioned in casual conversation. Kids and spies appear to be the most frequent users of these devices – for kids that means a toy gun or bow and arrow to aim at the window, to the annoyance of everyone around. For spies, suction cups provide a means of scaling a building, or breaking and entering into a well-protected safe.

Last but not least: The Tile Lifter

Prior to 2011, the suction cup had not been utilized much in the film or photography industries. The introduction of the CineSquid tripod system changed those worlds for the better, allowing for smaller budget films and productions to utilize engaging film angles. The tile lifter from Floor Pullers also uses suction cups to get the job done. The floor puller allows access to a raised floor, granting easy access to a subfloor. To maximize your use of the space at your disposal, purchase a Floor Puller, today!

Increasing your Storage Space in the Workplace

Floor puller

The management of space in a home or work environment is important in terms of overall success and efficiency. There are a number of moving pieces in any office, and finding the right balance can be a challenge. Storage closets can become overstuffed with extra equipment and desk organizers can fill up quickly. One solution you may not have previously considered is using the space under your floor! This way, you can store things long term and not worry about adding extra storage containers.

Tile lifter

Once you have this storage area, the best way to get to your precious materials is with a handy device such as the floor puller. The suction on the puller helps to get the tiles out of the way without damaging them. For more information on this useful tool, visit